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Professor John Harvey, Ph.D., P.E

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California Davis, USA




Prof. Harvey is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Davis, where he teaches pavement engineering and construction management, Director of the UC Pavement Research Center (UCPRC) and founding Director of the City and County Pavement Improvement Center (CCPIC). He is past chair of the UC Davis Transportation Technology and Policy Graduate Group. He has worked in the pavement field for 38 years.

He has been Principal Investigator for 22 years for projects for research, development and implementation for pavement materials, structural design, asset management, construction, cost, and environmental topics for the California Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, other state and national agencies, and industry. Before returning home to California for graduate school he worked five years as a contract federal public works official in Nigeria and with a Texas consulting firm. His PE license is from California.

Prof. Harvey’s work has focused on developing data, models, and web-based tools for pavement design, asset management, life cycle assessment, environmental life cycle assessment, and performance related specifications that are integrated in terms of data and modeling. This approach is intended to facilitate cost-effective continuous improvement of data, models, and tools and consistency of results in all aspects of pavement operations. He has worked to advance the development of asphalt and concrete pavement materials science and testing, and their incorporation in mechanistic modeling and design methods, with an emphasis on recycling. He has also worked to advance bringing multi-functionality of pavements into mainstream asset management, including consideration of stormwater handling through permeability, tire/pavement noise, and bicycle travel, and on bringing socio-economic performance indicators into life cycle assessment. He has been chair or co-chair of three International Conferences on Accelerated Pavement Testing and four Symposia on Life Cycle Assessment for Pavements.




Current and New Uses of Asphalt Rubber Mixes: Performance and Environmental Impacts


California has been using recycled tires in asphalt pavement applications for state and local agencies for decades. The University of California Pavement Research Center (UCPRC) has been developing environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) data, models, and a tool, eLCAP (environmental Life Cycle Assessment for Pavement), over the last 10 years. This presentation will begin with an overview of historical asphalt rubber usage in California, including quantities, binder types, mixe types, and applications. Typical usage and performance estimates from pavement management system data and mechanistic-empirical (ME) modeling have been used to model life cycle environmental impacts in eLCAP for comparison with conventional and polymer modified mixes. The results of these comparisons will be shown for several impact indicators in eLCAP, including greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and water pollution.

The presentation will also show ME and LCA analyses of some proposed new uses of rubberized asphalt mixes in mixes and structures that are expected to increase the use of recycled tires and provide additional performance and environmental benefits. Challenges for improving LCA of rubberized asphalt and other types of asphalt mixes will also be discussed.





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Conference General Scope


RAR2022 will focus on any and all rubberized asphalt materials containing scrap tire rubber, from a low percentage such as 5 percent to higher percentages above even 24 percent. Since there have been so many recent significant changes in the testing, specifying and application of scrap tire rubber in asphalt this Conferences focus is literally on all types of asphalt binders or asphalt hot mixes containing any percentage of scrap tire rubber, as well as both wet and dry applications. In addition both generic and proprietary rubberized asphalt products can be reported. Case studies, environmental effects and benefits, cost effectiveness of many paving construction materials and techniques will be presented.




When appropriate technical trips are arranged to particular important project or construction sites or plants.




Technical Committee



Dr. Jorge Sousa (USA)

George B. Way, P.E. (USA)

Prof. Juan Gallego (Spain)

Prof. Alex Visser (South Africa)

Prof. Herve Di Benedetto (France)

Prof. Kamil Kaloush (USA)

Prof. Peter Sebaaly (USA)

Prof. Krishna Prapoorna Biligiri (Índia)

Prof. Rongji Cao (China)

Prof. Jorge Pais (Portugal)

Dr. John A. D’Angelo (USA)

Prof. Luis Guillermo Loria-Salazar (Costa Rica)

Prof. Nader Tabatabaee (IRAN)

Prof. John Harvey (USA)

Prof. Davide Lo Presti (Italy)

Prof. Louay N. Mohammad (USA)

Prof. Gabriele Tebaldi (Italy)

Prof. Ezio Santagata (Italy)

Prof. Ana Rodriguez – Alloza (Spain)

Prof. Sabine Leischne (Germany)

Prof. Silvia Caro (Colombia)

Prof. Jo Sias (USA)

Dr. Maydanova Natalya (Russia)

Dr. Mona Nourelhuda (Sudan)

Prof. Manfred N. Partl (Switzerland)

Prof. Márcio Muniz (Brazil)

Dr. Shakir Shatnawi (USA)

Thorsten Nordgren (Sweden)

Prof. Zhongyin Guo (China)

Prof. Mena I. Souliman (USA)

Manuel Salas Casanova (Spain)

Prof. Elie Hajj (USA)

Prof. Luis Picado (Portugal)

Prof. Johannes Hartmut Beckedahl (Germany)

Prof. Junan Shen (USA)

Prof. Michael P. Wistuba (Germany)

Ir. Mohd Hzam Bin Harun (Malaysia)

Prof. Christina Plati (Greece)

Prof. Jose Marcobal (Spain)

Dr. Mayca Rubio (Spain)

Dr. Fernando Moreno(Spain)

Prof. Angel Sampedro (Spain)

Dr. Hamidreza Sahebzmani (Iran)







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