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Director LEMaC, Road Research Center,
National Technological University of La Plata


John Harvey
  Director of the LEMaC, Center for Road Research of the UTN La Plata.
 Professor of Civil Engineering at the National Technological University of La Plata.
 Professor of masters and doctorates in Argentina, and more than 10 countries in the region.
 Specialized in asphalt technology and asphalt mixtures, using recycled polymers.
  Consultant and advisor to international credit organizations, UNDP, Fo-Ar, IDB, construction companies, and government entities.
  Author of more than 90 technical papers and 2 books on the use of NFU in asphalt.
  He leads the NFU recycling line and directs doctoral theses related to the subject.


"Rheology of asphalt modified with NFU. Its use in dense asphalt mixtures, anti-reflective cracks and anti-skid"

The use of NFU in asphalt, not only allows reducing CO2 emissions, analyzed by the methodology of the life cycle of a product, but also generates improvements in asphalt until it is possible to formulate stable modified asphalt with the addition of NFU powder. .

This work shows the evolution of this technology, developed over 20 years in several Latin American countries, incorporating recycled rubber into asphalt by wet means.

Special emphasis is placed on the rheological evaluation with the PG and MSCR protocols of the dispersions, to then show the improvements produced in the resistance to rutting, reflex cracking and the macro and micro texture of hot asphalt mixtures.

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Kevin Trenberth
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Kevin E. Trenberth
John Harvey

Professor John Harvey, Ph.D., P.E
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California Davis, USA

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Peter E. Sebaaly, PhD, PE
Director of Pavement Engineering
& Science Program, 
University of Nevada, USA

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Peter E. Sebaaly, PhD, PE
Jose Ramon Marcobal

Jose Ramon Marcobal, Ph.D.
Pavement Department Director SACYR, SPAIN

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Kamil Elias Kaloush, Ph.D., P.E
FORTA Professor of Pavement Engineering, 
Arizona State University, USA

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Kamil Kaloush
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Conference General Scope

RAR2022 will focus on any and all rubberized asphalt materials containing scrap tire rubber, from a low percentage such as 5 percent to higher percentages above even 24 percent. Since there have been so many recent significant changes in the testing, specifying and application of scrap tire rubber in asphalt this Conferences focus is literally on all types of asphalt binders or asphalt hot mixes containing any percentage of scrap tire rubber, as well as both wet and dry applications. In addition both generic and proprietary rubberized asphalt products can be reported. Case studies, environmental effects and benefits, cost effectiveness of many paving construction materials and techniques will be presented.

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Kamil Kaloush
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